Restraining order issued against mayoral candidate threatening armed visits to Alberta health-care workers

Alberta Health Services has been granted a restraining order against Kevin J. Johnston, a Calgary mayoral candidate who has threatened to arm himself and go to the homes of health workers.

Johnston, who has a history of racist, hateful, allegedly violent behaviour, is known for organizing, leading and speaking at far-right protests in various provinces against government-imposed COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

He has been attempting to publish the private information of Alberta Health Services employees and has also registered as a Calgary mayoral candidate, raising fears that the move would give him access to a list that includes the names, addresses and phone numbers of every Calgarian eligible to vote.

Johnston is currently facing an assault charge in B.C. and hate crimes charges in Ontario.

A news release issued Friday by Alberta Health Services says the Court of Queen’s Bench granted an order that would prevent Johnston from obstructing or interfering with AHS and its employees, including public health officers.

Johnston is also prohibited under the order from threatening such conduct or urging others to engage in similar conduct.

He’s also prohibited from contacting, recording or photographing AHS employees, visiting AHS sites for non-medical purposes or attending the homes or AHS officers or employees.

WATCH | Calgary mayoral candidate vows to go after AHS workers in online video: 

Kevin J. Johnston says he has their home addresses and is determined to make the lives of some Alberta Health Services staff “uncomfortable.” 0:35

The release also states that Johnston is prohibited from being within 100 metres of any AHS public health officer or publishing any threats or hate speech directed to those individuals.

He must also not solicit names, addresses, phone numbers or other information from employees or officers.

‘I’m coming for you all,’ Johnston told AHS workers

On his social media channels, Johnston makes it clear he is anti-mask, anti-vaccine and a COVID denier, with the majority of his rage directed at AHS employees, current Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and the city’s police officers.

One AHS inspector, in particular, has been the target of Johnston’s rage, with the mayoral candidate asking his followers to track down her address. He has also posted photos of the woman, her husband and children online for his thousands of followers. Johnston says he obscured the faces of the children. 

“You’re all going to be in handcuffs,” said Johnston, addressing AHS employees on his radio webcast on Saturday, after he took videos of his friends Artur and Dawid Pawlowski being arrested by Calgary police officers.

The Pawlowski brothers have been organizing illegal church services in defiance of public health restrictions throughout the pandemic. 

“I’m coming for you all,” he told AHS workers. “If SWAT won’t come, it’s simple, I’ll arm myself and I’ll come right to your doors.”

This is a screen shot of one of several attempts by Kevin J Johnston to track down personal information of Alberta Health Services employees. (Kevin J Johnston/Facebook)

When reached for comment by CBC News, Johnston said he did not issue threats.

“That’s absolutely inaccurate,” said Johnston. “What I’ve done is I’ve issued a promise.”

Earlier this week, CBC News reported that the City of Calgary said it was weighing its legal options regarding a list of voters that will be provided to mayoral candidates.

The Calgary Police Service said it was “deeply concerned” that the personal information of its members and others in the community is set to be distributed to candidates.

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