RCMP accuse second Calgary man of travelling to Syria to join Islamic State

RCMP have charged a second Calgary man in an ongoing terrorism investigation.

Jamal Taan Borhot, 30, is charged with three counts of participating in terrorist group activity. Police allege he “committed terrorist activities benefitting the terrorist group known as the Islamic State.”

In July, RCMP announced they had charged Hussein Sobhe Borhot, 34, with the same three counts, as well as commission of an offence for a terrorist group.

Police believe the Islamic State trained him for the purpose of enhancing its ability and that he knowingly committed the offence of kidnapping while working with the militants.

Both Borhots are accused of travelling to Syria to commit the offences in 2013 and 2014.

RCMP spokesman Fraser Logan said there is a “familial relationship” between the two men, but declined to elaborate.

Jamal Borhot is to appear in court Monday.

In July, a judge released Hussein Borhot pending trial on a number of strict conditions, including that he wear an ankle tracking device that his family must pay for. He cannot apply for a passport or travel documents and is banned from having any firearms, ammunition or explosives.

A federal report on extremism last year said some 190 people with connections to Canada were suspected of terrorist activity abroad and about 60 had returned.

The Islamic State group took over territory in Iraq and Syria and implemented a harsh form of Islamic law.

The United Nations has accused the group of crimes against humanity, including mass executions, abducting women and girls to use as sex slaves and using child soldiers.

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