Mundare, Alberta is home to the world’s largest sausage (and no, it’s not what you think!)

Mundare’s giant sausage. (CBC Arts)

Follow Tamarra Canu on a Prairie road trip across Alberta and Saskatchewan as she continues her search for the origin of the bizarre gargantuan art within small town communities on Season 2 of Big Things Small Towns. Watch the full season now on CBC Gem.

It’s one of the most hilarious and misunderstood monuments in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. The Mundare sausage is 42 feet tall and has been overlooking the small town of Mundare, Alta. since its erection nearly 20 years ago.

Dubbed by the locals as the “Giant Turd,” the towering monument isn’t just a piece of fibreglass glory — it’s a representation of the community’s foundation and culture. The piece is a tribute to Stawnichy’s Meat Processing, a family-run sausage factory famous for its kielbasa.

Height: 12.8m
Weight: 5443kg
Material: Fibreglass

Big Things Small Towns host Tamarra Canu rides in Stawnichy’s Meat Processing’s sausage vehicle. (CBC Arts)

“We erected the sausage to reflect how important food is to Ukrainian culture,” says Kyler Zeleny, great-grandson of founder Woytko Stawniczy.

“Small towns especially are trying to figure out a way to stand out. One of the ways that they can stand out is by pointing to a specific type of history, culture, tradition, object, and making that the symbol of the community as a way to signal difference from all the surrounding communities around.”

And stand out it does. Watch the episode above and see how this town’s sausage is able to make ends “meat.”

Big Things Small Towns is back for another road trip and it’s bigger — and smaller — than ever. Watch Season 2 now on CBC Gem.

Big Things Small Towns is back for another road trip and it’s bigger — and smaller — than ever. Stream the new season now on CBC Gem 1:57

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