Heat shelters providing sweet relief from Calgary’s sizzling temperatures

Community groups, religious organizations and others are cranking up the air conditioning and setting their fans to high this week, inviting Calgarians to take a break from this week’s extreme temperatures.

“We know it’s quite a serious, dangerous heat wave that’s going through our area and it’s our responsibility to help those in need so that’s what we are doing,” said Syed Soharwardy, chair of the Al Madinah Islamic Assembly, which runs the Green Dome Mosque in northeast Calgary.

A sign on a door at the Green Dome Mosque lets people know where to head to take a break from the heat wave. (Dan McGarvey/CBC )

The mosque is using one of its areas as a heat shelter, complete with drinks and snacks.

Soharwardy said it’s for anyone who could use a break, regardless of their religion or background.

“It’s for anybody from any faith or no faith. They can come and have some drinks and cool down. This is just a small gesture from our community,” he said.

Ten minutes down the road at the Dashmesh Culture Centre, a large banner attached to the centre’s railings lets pedestrians know to drop in if they’re finding the heat overwhelming.

“The City of Calgary approached us and we do have a big facility, so it’s open for everyone,” said Amanpreet Singh Gill, president of the centre.

A sign outside the Dashmesh Culture Centre lets people know they can take shelter from the extreme heat. (Dan McGarvey/CBC)

“If someone needs help we provide them that help any time,” he said.

“We have refreshments and everyone is welcome. I think we should all get together in tough times.”

A map of all the cooling spaces across the city is available of the City of Calgary website.

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