Former Hells Angel associate accused of murdering Calgary girlfriend has violent history with women

A former Hells Angels associate accused of murdering his 23-year-old girlfriend has a history of violence against women and was once ordered to report all relationships with females by the Parole Board of Canada, according to documents obtained by CBC News.

Gerald Russell Frommelt, 37, is wanted on Canada-wide warrants for second-degree murder. He is accused of killing Jamie Lynn Scheible who was shot on April 7 in the northeast Calgary community of Temple.

Calgary police have labeled the killing a domestic homicide as the pair “were recently in a relationship.”

Police say Jamie Lynn Scheible, 23, was found unconscious and badly injured after they responded to reports of gunshots in a northeast Calgary community on April 7. She died shortly after. (Submitted by Zoe Willard)

Frommelt has been in and out of jail his entire adult life including a 6½ year sentence he began serving in 2010 for his involvement with the Hells Angels in Manitoba, after he pleaded guilty to cocaine trafficking and being in a criminal organization. 

CBC News has obtained Frommelt’s parole documents showing the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) had serious concerns about his risk to violently reoffend.

In 2014, Frommelt was granted statutory release – when an offender has served two thirds of their sentence and is given freedoms in the community under conditions. 

He was placed on several conditions including that he not consume drugs or alcohol, have no associations with anyone connected to gangs or criminal activity and that he report all relationships with women both intimate and non-sexual.

But 10 months later, Frommelt’s release was revoked and he was sent back into custody after he punched his cousin’s neighbour, knocking him unconscious, the parole board noted in its decision.

The board reviewed the file and repealed Frommelt’s statutory release after determining his risk “rose to an unmanageable level.”

History of violence

The eight-page decision depicts a volatile man capable of violence, who, at the time, showed “no remorse” for his crimes.

The report outlines Frommelt’s extensive criminal history including several convictions for crimes of violence. It also highlights several instances of assault and uttering threats, specifically toward women.

You have involved yourself in a lifestyle that thrives on threatening and controlling others in order to have your needs met.– Reads an October 2015 decision from the Parole Board of Canada

In June 2008, Frommelt reportedly pounded on the door of an ex after their relationship of three years ended. When she let him inside, he kicked off his shoes and threw them, hitting her in the mouth.

The female victim reported the event to police while Frommelt continued to send her text messages in the months that followed.

“I’m gonna really hurt you,” he wrote in August. 

Two days later, he messaged her again: “You are gonna definitely be a domestic victim.” 

In that case, charges for assault with a weapon and uttering threats were ultimately dropped.

In March of 2009, Frommelt reportedly assaulted a female bartender at a tavern in Selkirk, Man. 

After being denied a free drink, he took a bottle of alcohol from the bar and started drinking from it. Another staff member took it back and the police were called.

The report says Frommelt then grabbed the victim’s purse from the bar, dug through it and pushed her away when she tried to get it back from under a stool.

He proceeded to take one of the drinks his friend ordered and threw the “thick tempered glass” at the female staff member hitting her above the left eye. Paramedics were called to the bar and the woman suffered a significant bruise.

The report says there is “no file documentation indicating that serious harm was met; however, one of your victims required medical attention for her injuries.”

It adds, “you have used your fists, shoes, and a thick tempered heavy glass in the commission of your offending.”

Difficulty managing anger, said parole board member

“You have experienced difficulties managing your anger and emotions with females,” wrote board member F. Wesolowski in the Oct. 2015 decision to revoke Frommelt’s statutory release. 

Frommelt was also convicted in prison for having a five inch jail-made “wooden stabbing weapon,” and reportedly threw a metal milk jug at a correctional manager.

Documents state that while he was incarcerated, his aggressive behaviour led to being transferred from a medium security environment to maximum security in February 2014.

By October 2015, Frommelt had been supervised while on probation on seven occasions, each time failing to complete the term before committing a new offence.

“You have involved yourself in a lifestyle that thrives on threatening and controlling others in order to have your needs met,” reads the decision. 

“Your criminal history contains incidents that support this assertion and includes convictions for violence toward women and the use of weapons, all aimed at controlling and instilling fear in your victims.”

His sentence was complete in 2016. By 2018, Frommelt was living in Alberta. 

Since then he’s been found guilty of nine crimes including a weapons offence with his most recent convictions in October.

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