Dr. Deena Hinshaw to update Alberta with latest on COVID-19 pandemic at 3 p.m., earlier than usual

More than 5,000 people with COVID-19 have been treated in Alberta hospitals since the pandemic began last March.

That represents about 4.3 per cent of the total cases, which now sits at 117,767. Of those, 105,208 are listed as recovered and 11,096 are active. 

Of the 5,046 patients hospitalized with the illness so far, 809 have ended up in ICU beds.

There are currently 740 people being treated for COVID-19 in Alberta hospitals, including 119 in ICU.

Slightly more than one per cent of all people infected have died.

Alberta Health data shows the illness has taken a far greater toll on older people. To date, 1,244 of the 1,463 reported deaths (85 per cent) have been people aged 70 and older.

A total of 94,472 people under the age of 70 have contracted the illness. Sixty-nine of them have died, a rate of .073 per cent.

A total of 9,253 people aged 70 or older have become sick. In all, 1,244 of them have died, a rate of 13.4 per cent.

Older people also have a much higher chance of ending up in hospital. Those in their 20s who contract the illness have about a one in 100 chance of being hospitalized. Those aged 60 and older have about one in six chance.

Here’s a breakdown by age of those who have been infected, and those who had symptoms serious enough to require hospitalization.

  • Under one, 639 cases, 34 hospitalized, 10 in ICU. (Hospitalization rate, 5.3 per cent)
  • one to four, 3,651 cases, 14 hospitalized, two in ICU. (Hospitalization rate, 0.4 per cent)
  • five to nine, 5,059 cases, eight hospitalized, two in ICU. (Hospitalization rate, 0.2 per cent)
  • 10 to 19, 13,530 cases, 68 hospitalized, nine in ICU. (Hospitalization rate, 0.5 per cent)
  • 20 to 29, 21,918 cases, 238 hospitalized, 24 in ICU. (Hospitalization rate, 1.1 per cent)
  • 30 to 39, 22,353 cases, 387 hospitalized, 40 in ICU. (Hospitalization rate, 1.7 per cent)
  • 40 to 49, 18,585 cases, 485 hospitalized, 92 in ICU. (Hospitalization rate, 2.6 per cent)
  • 50 to 59, 14,004 cases, 717 hospitalized, 162 in ICU. (Hospitalization rate, 5.1 per cent)
  • 60 to 69, 8,737 cases, 873 hospitalized, 237 in ICU. (Hospitalization rate, 10.0 per cent)
  • 70 to 79, 4,329 cases, 944 hospitalized, 171 in ICU. (Hospitalization rate, 21.8 per cent)
  • 80+, 4,924 cases, 1,277 hospitalized, 59 in ICU. (Hospitalization rate, 25.9 per cent)

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, the province’s chief medical officer of health, is scheduled to give her latest update on Wednesday at a news conference set to begin at 3 p.m. — a change from the previously announced 3:30 p.m. start time.

You can watch it here live.

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