CBE is the latest Alberta school district to cancel provincial achievement tests

The Calgary Board of Education has made the decision to cancel provincial achievement tests this school year. 

The CBE said that due to the continued disruption caused by the pandemic, it will not be administering Grade 6 and 9 PATs for 2020-21. 

“We believe this is the right decision in a year where direction from Alberta Education and Alberta Health continues to evolve rapidly,” said chief superintendent Christopher Usih in an email to CBC News.

“Teachers will remain focused on delivering the programs of study for all courses, and will continue to assess student achievement based on the grade level outcomes as determined by the Province of Alberta.”

Last week, the Calgary Catholic School District announced its Grade 6 and 9 students would not be required to take part in provincial achievement tests this year after the province allowed school authorities the discretion to cancel them because of the pandemic. 

On Tuesday, the province announced that students facing high school diploma exams in October and November can choose not to write them. 

However, if a student does choose to write the exam, it will still be worth 30 per cent of their final grade.

Diploma exams scheduled for January, April or June continue to be mandatory.

The CBE said the exemption to write applies only to students taking the diploma course, and who will receive a school-awarded mark for the first quarter (September to November) courses.

“Those students who took a diploma course before the 2020-21 school year who have registered to write one or more exams in November must still write the exam,” said Usih. “However, they may choose to defer the exam writing to January, April or June. If they decide to defer, they must let their school know by the end of this week.”

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