Cast of dinosaur skull sent to Alberta community after efforts of business owner

More than 60 years ago, a five-foot-long dinosaur skull was discovered near Irvine, Alta., and after the efforts of a local business owner, a cast of it has been sent to the community.

Pauline Guillet says the skull was unearthed and sent to the Canadian Museum of Nature in the1950s. In 2001, the museum named the dinosaur “chasmosaurus irvinensis,” after the community. 

However, the hamlet east of Medicine Hat never received a replica of the skull — until Guillet started making inquiries. 

“I’ve been doing research on this since I’ve known there was a dinosaur that was found. So I thought, you know, let’s bring some positivity to Irvine, let’s bring it some life,” she told The Homestretch.

Guillet had been looking through different avenues for about 10 to 12 years, and just last year she was able to contact the national museum, which fronted the cost of the replica and shipment.

She says it was important to her since every place that has a dinosaur find in their area is entitled to a cast or replica.

“Irvine is very tiny community in southern Alberta and we’ve lost a lot of business and people over the years. It’s made everyone sort of excited, and I’m excited to see everyone come through,” she said

The skull is sitting in their senior club, but Guillet hopes that after some fundraising, they can get a display room for the piece in the community’s museum.

“We’re hoping it might boost some tourism in regards to Irvine and maybe give a boost to the companies we do have here,” she said.

With files from The Homestretch.

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