Calgary killer shot man who refused to leave VLT, judge hears

A Calgary man has admitted to killing a stranger simply because the victim was sitting at his VLT machine.

Originally charged with second-degree murder, Ryan Oliver Reid Foster, 39, pleaded guilty to manslaughter Monday in the death of Adam Colquhoun, 43.

The fatal shooting took place at the Pyramid Lounge in the Town & Country Motor Hotel in the city’s southeast on June 28, 2018.

The details of the shooting come from an agreed statement of facts, read aloud by prosecutor Doug Taylor at Foster’s plea. 

The night of the killing, a security guard met Foster as he entered the lounge. He described the shooter as “having an attitude.”

Staff heard the two men arguing at a VLT and one employee ran to get security.

A fellow bar patron heard Foster approach Colquhoun, saying he was on his machine.

‘Shoot me’

Colquhoun continued to play on the machine before Foster opened up his vest and showed the victim a gun.

The victim said “shoot me,” which Foster did before running away.

Colquhoun took a few steps before collapsing. He was taken to hospital but died during emergency surgery.

Bartender Courtney Linterman, who had been serving Foster, put a clean beer pitcher over the highball glass he’d been drinking out of in order to preserve it for investigators.

Nearly a month later, Foster was arrested. 

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Willie deWit agreed to the joint sentence proposed by Taylor and defence lawyer Shamsher Kothari of 15 years in prison.

With credit for time served, Foster has about 12 years left.

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