6 secure bear spray disposal bins set up at Calgary fire halls

Drop-off bins for expired bear spray canisters have been established at six Calgary fire halls after police noticed an increase in the use of bear spray in violent crime.

Police first realized last fall that bear spray was being stolen from hazardous materials drop-off stations across Calgary, they said this week on social media.

Calgary has three landfills that accept hazardous materials, and the new disposal bins were created in the hopes of seeing a corresponding reduction in crimes that involve bear spray.

They were established through a partnership with the City of Calgary and Haul-All Equipment Systems, and can be found at the following locations:

  • Station No. 24 Cedarbrae, 2607 106th Ave. S.W. 
  • Station No. 31 Country Hills, 11955 Country Village Link N.E.
  • Station No. 37 Evergreen, 2511 Eversyde Ave. S.W.
  • Station No. 20 Peacekeepers Way, 2800 Peacekeepers Way S.W. 
  • Station No. 17 Varsity, 3740 32nd Ave. N.W.
  • Station No. 4 Vista Heights, 1991 18th Ave. N.E.

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